Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Night Dinner

We are in the midst of a winter snow/ice storm. So what better way to keep warm than with a big ol' pot of soup.

I'm trying a new recipe from Taste of Homes Quick Cooking 2003. Its chicken enchilda soup. I'll post back if we like it. It looks...interesting...but smells yummy.


Chicken Breast (I boiled and diced) $1
Fiesta Nacho Soup $1.42
Cream of Chicken 49¢
Milk (actually calculated this time!) 39¢
Enchilada Sauce $1.14
Green Chiles 67¢


We should be able to get several meals out of this but if and when we eat up l.o.'s I will just use it as a zero total instead of trying to calculate how much, what cost, etc.

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