Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Night Dinner

We are in the midst of a winter snow/ice storm. So what better way to keep warm than with a big ol' pot of soup.

I'm trying a new recipe from Taste of Homes Quick Cooking 2003. Its chicken enchilda soup. I'll post back if we like it. It looks...interesting...but smells yummy.


Chicken Breast (I boiled and diced) $1
Fiesta Nacho Soup $1.42
Cream of Chicken 49¢
Milk (actually calculated this time!) 39¢
Enchilada Sauce $1.14
Green Chiles 67¢


We should be able to get several meals out of this but if and when we eat up l.o.'s I will just use it as a zero total instead of trying to calculate how much, what cost, etc.

Monday Monday

Last night we had chicken pot pie. Hmmmm so yummy.

I took 2 chicken breasts that I had bought on sale ($3.99 a bag) so I'm estimating maybe a $1 for that. 1 can veg all (55¢) 2 cans cr. of chicken (98¢) and a handful of shredded cheese (maybe 50¢) and put it into a pie crust ($1.52).

$4.55 total.

Tonights dinner is a new recipe that I will have to look at and cost later.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday night food

Nothing fancy here tonight. Me and Little Man are eating leftovers. Dh is eating a can of french onion soup that I'll add cheese and bread too.


$1.25 total.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend Dining

Last night was an interesting mish-mash of food but it was actually quite yummy.

We received a huge box of stuff from Hickory Farms so I sliced up some Beef Summer Sausage, Parmesan Herb Cheese (The best, yummiest cheese EVER) and served that with some crackers. I also made 4 ears of corn on the cob.

We had quite a bit of sausage and cheese leftover so I packed it up for hubby to take to work today in his cooler.

The only cost to us was the corn and crackers.

Crackers~maybe 50¢ at the most


Tonight I'm making my version of mexican pizza. I take one of those small cheap- boxes of corn muffin mix. I make it according to the instructions on the box but I spread the batter out real thin on a pizza pan It turns out to be a cheap way to make a thin-cust pizza.

Then I spread a can of refried beans over the cook crust, add some taco meat, top with sliced olives, and cheese and bake. Its actually quite yummy!

Refried Beans~79¢
Half lb. hamburger ~70¢
Cheese and Olives~$1 total (????)
Sour Cream and Sauce served on the side maybe another 75¢???

$3.74 total and we will def. get leftovers for tomorrows lunch out of it

Friday, January 23, 2009

Running behind

Ack! I haven't posted for a few days!

Tuesday night we had Chicken Fried Steaks. Yummy!

Steaks~$2 (used half a package I found on mark down meat!)
Seasoning and Flour~75¢ (???) That may be high
Mashed Potatos~$1.00

Tuesday's Total~$4.25

Wed~We had grilled burgers and french Fries

Buns~20¢ (Hubby is the only one to eat buns)

Wed. Total~2.00

Thursday...I went to my nephews ballgame. Hubby cooked cheese omelets and sausage for everyone else. Not sure how many eggs he used so I'll guestimate.

Eggs~40¢ (guessing 5 eggs)
Sausage Links~$1.50


When I came home I had a salad. I'm going to guess high and say $2 because I did load it up with lots of veggies which are expensive here now.

Thursdays Total=$4.20

OK...I'm caught back up except for tonights dinner. Which I haven't figured out what we are eating yet. LOL

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Night

Tonight we are having taco soup that I took out of the freezer. We will eat it topped with shredded cheese and tortilla chips.

Since I made the soup back in November or Dec. before I started this challenge I'm counting the soup as a zero cost. I wouldn't have a clue how much to put it at anyways. From now on when I make big batches of soup I'm going to divide out the cost and write it down so I now when I take something out of the freezer the cost of it.

So I'll put $1.50 for the chips and cheese.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Eating

I haven't posted for a few days. Its been super busy around here.

Thursday we went to a basketball game. We got home a little later than normal and just ate leftovers out of the fridge.

Friday was my stepdaughters birthday party. We ordered pizza and breadsticks.

Satuday...We grilled steaks, had corn on the cob (my 2 y.o.'s current fave) and mashed Potatos.

Steaks ~$15.49 (eep!)

I haven't figured out what we are having for dinner tonight yet. I'll post back later. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its taco night

I love mexican food!

Hamburger $1.39
Taco Seasoning (I Make my own) 25¢ ??
Refried Beans 79¢
Taco Shells FREE with coupon

Now for the toppings. Not quite sure how to estimate the cost on these. We use olives, tomatos, cheese, sour cream, and sauce. I'm going to guess high and say $2 for all.

Total: $4.43

I'm drooling already.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Night

Spagehtti for the family. Since I can't eat noodles I'll be having leftovers.

Noodles ~60¢
Garlic Bread~$1.00


Monday, January 12, 2009

Mondays Dinner

Tonights dinner is expensive...atleast for us.

Crab Cakes $11.20 (ouch)
Corn on the cob $1.29

$12.49 total.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday's Supper

was take out chinese. Does everyone else's restaurant give them insanely huge portions? Little man and I ate off of my order and I will still probably get 3 or 4 more meals out of it.

Hubby is taking his to work tomorrow for lunch.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Tonight's dinner should be super frugal. We are eating leftover turkey from Thanksgiving...so I'm counting that as FREE! I got a great deal on Betty Crocker instant mashed potatos when Kroger had them on sale and combined with coupons. Add some gravy and a veggie and we are set.

Mashed Taters (including butter, cream cheese, milk) ~75¢
Green Beans~50¢


Friday, January 9, 2009

Fridays Meal

Tonight we are having ham and beans cooked in the crockpot.

The ham was free! My mom sent it home with us after Christmas dinner. I diced it all up and froze it in smaller batches.

The beans were $1.82 for the bag. It was a big bag so after they cook I'll divide it in half and use the other part for another dinner or smaller portions for hubby to eat at work.

Apricots~75¢ (half a can)

$1.66 for dinner tonight. Wow! I guess when they say beans are a cheap food they are right!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday's Oh So Thrilling Vittles

We got hamburger on sale today for $1.39 lb.

So tonight for dinner we had grilled burgers, fries, and peaches. We made an extra burger to use up the little bit of meat for my hubby to take to work tomorrow.

Hamburger $1.39
Buns (89¢ for 8 @ Aldi's) 2 Buns~23¢
Peaches (Half Can)~75¢

$3.87 total!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mish-Mash Dinner

Tonight was mish-mash night. I forgot to thaw something out so we just kind of scrounged.

I had 4 spincach and cheese savorings....maybe $1.00. ??

Dh had 2 frozen egg rolss $1.28

Little Man had ramen noodles (only half the powder though) and some peaches. 10¢ for the noodles and maybe 40¢ for the peaches. He eats like a bird.

Aren't you jealous of our wonderful, nutritious meal?!?!

$2.78 total.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday's Food

We are having sloppy jo's tonight. I have a lb. of hambuger thawing out. Its one of my last one's I got at the meat markdown counter. It was only $1!! Hope they have another sale soon!

Hambuger $1
Ketchup~50¢ ???
Country Bob's Sauce~25¢ ????

French Fries~$1.50

$3.55 total.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday's Dinner

Tonight's dinner is French Dip Subs. I can't find my receipt from Aldi's where I get the frozen french dip meat but I know it was less than $3. SO:

French Dip Meat: $2.99
Slices of Swiss cheese: 25¢
Sandwich Rolls 50¢

Total: $3.74

We still have some leftover cooked veggies from pot roast I can pair with it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend Dining

Last night we went to Mr. Gatti's with our friends and there 2 kids. I can't eat pasta or lettuce so that rule out a lot of what I could eat. O wouldn't touch any of it. So basically we paid $30 for dh and dsd to eat. LOL Probably why we rarely go there. I'm not counting eat out in our total though.

Tonight we are clearing out the leftovers from the fridge. There is enough to feed us all. So I'm putting zero $$$ down for another meal.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday night Dinner

We are having pot roast tonight. It smells so yummy right now. I got a good deal on the roast...half price! Wish I could find more sales like that.

Pot Roast $3.50
Carrots 50¢
Potatos $1.73
Seasoning and Bag $1.76

Total =$$7.49 for 4 people.

And I'm sure we will have leftovers! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan. 1st~Happy New Years!

Here's hoping 2009 is better economically that 2008!!

Tonights dinner is a fast and easy one.

Smoked Sause ($2.50) with grilled peppers ($1)and onion (50¢).

Total: $4 for 3 of us.

I went ahead and worked out my menu plan through Jan. 11th so I should be good at cooking vs. eating out for a while! :)